Most people define “grinding” differently. For Grind on the Go’s founder, Brittany, she’s all about pursuing your dreams and designing a life you love. And how that looks is different for each person.

Created from her love and passion for pursuing her goals, Grind on the Go pays homage to the person working early mornings and late nights to achieve their goals. From the mom making sure she has a safe and loving environment for her kids. To the grad school student working two jobs, yet still making time to submit papers. She sees you. She identifies with you. And Grind on the Go is a way to celebrate all you do.

Grind on the Go is more than a coffee company, it’s a community. It’s a marriage of two grinds: coffee and hard work.

The mission is to serve the community with great coffee and excellent customer service while encouraging people to pursue their dreams. The unique features of Grind On The Go will benefit and support local businesses to include advertisement opportunities, partnerships, and alliances.

The Owner

"I started Grind on The Go because I wanted people to experience the two things I love the most; coffee and hard work! Grind On The Go was created to bring people together byway of a great tasting cup of coffee."

-Brittany Yates, Owner

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