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              Why Choose Grind On The Go

              GRIND is defined differently for each person. However, many people believe that you must be overworked, a full-time entrepreneur, or a corporate leader to be considered someone who “GRINDS”. We are working to remove the stigma of what GRIND means. We are celebrating all people who are pursuing their dreams regardless of what their GRIND might be.

              Building Community

              Although we sell coffee to everyone we are launching a community called Girl on The Grind where we support and highlight women on the GRIND. Additionally, each of our orders come with a note encouraging our customers to pursue their GRIND. Our love for coffee and tea is integrated into our business model because in many cultures coffee and tea are used to bring people together for meetings, comfort, or casually.

              Advocate for Sustainability

              We encourage people to use and reuse coffee for various purposes. We partner with nonprofit organizations by donating new and used coffee beans to fertilize local gardens, farms, and composts. Coffee beans provide a great source of nutrients to soil. We also teach individuals how used coffee grounds can be used for various purposes such as; skin exfoliation, scouring pots and pans, gardening, insect and pest repellent, and more.

              Health Benefits

              Our coffee is vegan & soy free and has many health benefits such as; boosts energy, assists with weight management, supports heart health, and more. Our teas can improve brain function, lower cholesterol levels, help lower blood pressure, and more. Our coffee and tea can also be used as pre and post workout supplements.

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              From The Jungles To Your Table

              Step 1: Sourcing

              Our coffee is ethically sourced. We work with farmers who support the economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and their communities.

              Step 2: Roasting

              Our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure consistency with our product.

              Step 3: Packaged

              Each product is individually weighed and packaged for maximum freshness.

              Step 4: Delivered

              Products are delivered directly to your door with a note of encouragement just for you.

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              Shipping for all wholesale orders is always free and you have the option to subscribe. A subscription allows you the convenience of setting it and forgetting it.

              To qualify for wholesale, all orders must be $200 or more

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